Best Romantic Resorts in Delaware

Romantic Resorts in Delaware for Couples

Here’s our guide to the best romantic resorts in Delaware for couples!

Calling all lovebirds! Delaware, the First State, isn’t just a destination for history and beaches—it’s also a haven for romance. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just in need of a romantic escape, Delaware offers a selection of resorts that redefine couple’s getaways. Get ready to immerse yourselves in luxury, scenic views, and intimate moments at some of the best romantic resorts in Delaware. Here’s our guide to the best romantic resorts in Delaware for couples:

1. The Bellmoor Inn & Spa, Rehoboth Beach

Nestled in the heart of Rehoboth Beach, The Bellmoor Inn & Spa is the epitome of refined romance. With its charming Victorian architecture, lush gardens, and a tranquil spa, this resort offers a serene escape for couples. Indulge in a couples massage, take a leisurely stroll on the nearby boardwalk, and savor a romantic dinner at one of the fine dining options in the area.

Best Romantic Resorts in Delaware

2. Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, Rehoboth Beach

Step into a world of timeless elegance at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. This oceanfront gem combines Victorian charm with modern luxury, offering couples a front-row seat to breathtaking sunsets over the Atlantic. Enjoy private balconies, in-room whirlpool tubs, and the soothing sound of waves crashing just steps away. It’s a romantic haven for those seeking seaside serenity.

3. Hotel du Pont, Wilmington

In the heart of Wilmington, Hotel du Pont exudes classic romance and sophistication. This historic gem boasts lavish rooms, exquisite dining at the Green Room, and a refined ambiance that sets the stage for a memorable stay. Explore the nearby attractions, take a romantic stroll along the Brandywine River, and relish the timeless charm of this Delaware landmark.

4. The Inn at Montchanin Village, Montchanin

Escape to the enchanting Inn at Montchanin Village for a cozy and intimate retreat. Tucked away in a historic hamlet, this charming inn offers couples a peaceful respite surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens. Unwind in individually decorated rooms, dine at the award-winning Krazy Kat’s restaurant, and let the old-world charm create the perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway.

5. Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover

For couples who enjoy a mix of excitement and relaxation, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is the perfect choice. Indulge in spa treatments, try your luck at the casino, and then retreat to your well-appointed room for a night of luxury. With dining options ranging from upscale to casual, this romantic resort provides a dynamic blend of entertainment and intimacy.

Best Romantic Resorts in Delaware

6. The Brick Hotel on the Circle, Georgetown

Immerse yourself in small-town charm at The Brick Hotel on the Circle in Georgetown. This historic boutique hotel radiates warmth and intimacy, offering couples a quaint escape. Explore the nearby shops and eateries, take a scenic drive through the countryside, and savor the simplicity of a romantic getaway in this hidden gem.

7. Atlantic Sands Hotel, Rehoboth Beach

For a beachfront escape with your significant other, the Atlantic Sands Hotel in Rehoboth Beach is a prime choice. Wake up to the sound of the waves, enjoy direct access to the beach, and relish in the vibrant atmosphere of the boardwalk. With ocean-view rooms and a central location, it’s a perfect blend of seaside romance and convenience.

Final Thoughts on Romantic Resorts in Delaware

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing spa retreat, an adventurous beachside getaway, or a luxurious escape in the countryside, Delaware’s romantic resorts offer something for every couple. With their idyllic settings, luxurious accommodations, romantic activities, and personalized attention, these resorts provide the perfect setting for creating unforgettable memories with your loved one.

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