Is Bethany Beach in Delaware Worth to Visit

Is Bethany Beach in Delaware Worth to Visit

Today we went to Bethany beach in Delaware and we’re going to be exploring the entire beach. This includes the boardwalk, the central town, all the shopping areas and most importantly we’re going to spend a lot of time looking at the beach. We’ll start off by talking about the boardwalk as far as boardwalks go it’s not incredibly wide. It’s about 12 feet wide and when it comes to length it’s not very long either.

Is Bethany Beach in Delaware Worth to Visit
Bethany Beach in Delaware

It’s about point three eighths of a mile but it’s not too crowded. Bethany Beach is really iconic, it has beautiful hotels on one side and it has the beach on the next. People walk back and forth on the boardwalk all the time. It’s a great place to relax and watch the sun set and just to enjoy the outdoors. All along the boardwalks are white benches you can see a bunch of them right there as we enter the town center and these benches are reversible.

Why Bethany Beach is Good for Music Lovers

The town center during the summer months got free concerts and people get there awfully early. So if you want to hear great music come on out to the town center and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just below the center of the town center with the stages that we just saw is the shopping area. It has a lot of unique boutique stores and it’s a great place to just wander around and spend money. You didn’t know you have buying things that you didn’t need that will end up in a yard sale probably two to three years from now :). But all joking aside it is a beautiful shopping center buildings are very architecturally pleasing and it’s a great place to just mingle and relax and enjoy a summer’s evening.

Parking attendants enforce the parking regulations regularly and there is 15 minute free parking. One of the things I like about going to the beach and this is not unique to Bethany beach but any beach is when you walk over the sand dune and the first glimpse you get of the ocean and the sand and everything like that it is absolutely a beautiful feel. Bethany Beach has that same charm just the vegetation, the sand, the blue water it’s all remarkable feeling.

A good day Spent at Bethany Beach

It wasn’t long before we picked this spot and set up base camp when my kids decided that they wanted to attack the ocean. They didn’t realize is although the ocean looks inviting it’s quite formidable. It was a seesaw battle of attack and retreat but mostly my kids were on the run the decision was made for them to stand their ground in the ocean.

This was the moment they realized an error in their judgment they then decided to jump over the waves and avoid it all together dejected and defeated. They sulked back to base camp and then they decided to bring out the big guns. The ocean didn’t think too kindly of their assault and her reaction was immediate and decisive.

Is Bethany Beach in Delaware Worth to Visit

One of my kid was so disoriented that they lost their boogie board during the battle but wanting them to come again the ocean sent it right back to him. After the kids finished having their fun I decided to do some exploration on the beach. Unfortunately this horseshoe crab is not alive we came across several live ones and we try to put them back in the ocean not sure exactly why they keep on getting washed up.

Best Family Beach in Delaware

Bethany beach is absolutely beautiful with lots of kids and family. It’s a family beach family environment a lot of other beaches like ocean city great beach but it has a lot of people who are in for parties and drinking. This is not that beach at all. Beach at night came out to light some sparklers but it was so windy that was not going to work. We did come across a sand crab and we played with it for a little while we left it in good health so no sand crabs were hurt.

This is the boardwalk and Bethany town center at night. A lot of other places have a lot of parties and bars and drinking and a loud boisterous environment can get awfully sketch. It’s not the case in Bethany beach it’s a different vibe with a lot of family and kids around.

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