Is Lums Pond State Park in Delaware Good

Lums Pond Campground: A Tranquil Escape in Delaware’s Wooded Heart

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant woodlands of Sussex County, Delaware, lies Lums Pond Campground – a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape. With its namesake, Lums Pond, as its centerpiece, the campground offers a unique blend of aquatic adventures, rustic charm, and proximity to historical gems, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation.

Lums Pond Campground

Camping Under the Canopy:

Lums Pond Campground boasts a variety of campsites to suit every camping style. Choose from shaded tent sites tucked amongst towering oak and poplar trees, perfect for pitching your tent and immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of nature. For those seeking a touch of comfort, RV sites with hookups are available, providing a convenient base camp for exploring the surrounding area.

Fishing Paradise in Lums Pond Campground:

As Delaware’s largest freshwater pond, Lums Pond is a magnet for anglers. Cast your line and try your luck at reeling in crappie, bluegill, perch, pickerel, and the prized largemouth bass. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, the serene waters and abundant fish populations make Lums Pond a fisherman’s paradise.

Beyond the Campground:

Lums Pond Campground is just the gateway to a plethora of outdoor activities and historical treasures. Take a refreshing dip in the pond, paddle a kayak or canoe along the shoreline, or embark on a scenic hike through the lush forests. For a dose of history, visit the nearby Trap Pond State Park, home to the intriguing ruins of a pre-colonial Native American village.

A Family-Friendly Retreat:

Lums Pond Campground welcomes families with open arms. The spacious campsites provide ample room for children to play and explore, while the playground and picnic areas offer opportunities for fun and bonding. Take a family bike ride on the park’s scenic trails, roast marshmallows over a crackling campfire, and share stories under the star-studded sky.

Planning Your Stay in Lums Pond Campground:

Lums Pond Campground operates from March to November. Reservations are recommended, especially during peak season. The campground offers amenities like restrooms, showers, a dump station, and a camp store. Firewood is available for purchase, and pets are welcome on a leash.

Lums Pond Campground: A place to reconnect with nature, unwind from the daily grind, and create lasting memories. Come experience the rustic charm, outdoor adventures, and peaceful atmosphere of this hidden gem in the heart of Delaware.

Lums Pond Campground

Additional Tips:

  • Pack insect repellent, especially during the summer months.
  • Be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat for sun protection.
  • Check the weather forecast before your trip and dress accordingly.
  • Leave no trace and respect the natural beauty of the campground.

With its serene setting, diverse activities, and convenient location, Lums Pond Campground is an unforgettable destination for campers of all ages. So, pack your bags, grab your fishing rod, and get ready to discover a hidden gem in the heart of Delaware.

For reservations at Lums Pond Campground:

Go Ape Adventure near Lums Pond Campground

Try not to miss the Go Ape! TreeTop Adventure Course which sits right inside the recreation area, where rope stepping stools and treetop intersections are holding back to challenge you!

Lums Pond State Park likewise has an entrancing history as well, so for those children who love to learn accounts of what happened surrounding them, it’s an incredible spot to do as such. From the times of the site being home to a few Native American hunting camps, to being utilized to control a factory, it’s an interesting piece of the state!

Snatch those feeling of experiences, kids, since now is the right time to check out Lums Pond State Park!

Final Thoughts

Lums Pond finished being an incredible family camping area. The destinations are immense and verdant with huge trees for conceal. The four families had a ton of fun (I forgot about the all out number or children – most likely on the grounds that they moved constantly). I figure it would be protected to express that there is really setting up camp coming soon for everybody.

Is Lums Pond State Park in Delaware Worth to Visit

It was an exceptionally dynamic end of the week (essentially for the children) with heaps of bouncing in tents, swinging in loungers, messing around, and, surprisingly, a couple of gathering climbs. Around evening time there were shine sticks, fireflies, marshmallows, sausages, and whatever else you can imagine broiled over the fire.

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