Tips to Improve MPG in Mazda CX-5

Tips to Improve MPG in Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is known for its sporty handling and sleek design, but let’s face it, these days fuel efficiency is a major selling point too. Whether you drive a sprightly 2.5L or a powerful turbocharged model, there are ways to optimize your CX-5 for maximum miles per gallon (MPG).

Here’s a toolbox of techniques that go beyond the typical “drive slower” advice to Improve MPG in Mazda.

Tips to Improve MPG in Mazda CX-5

Master the Art of Smoother Acceleration: 

The Mazda CX-5‘s zoom-zoom spirit can be tempting, but avoid the urge to jackrabbit off the line. Accelerate gradually and anticipate traffic flow to minimize braking – stopping and starting gobbles up gas.

Befriend Cruise Control (on flat roads): 

On flat highways, cruise control maintains a steady speed, which is more efficient than your foot modulating the gas pedal. However, on hilly terrain, letting off the gas on descents and maintaining momentum can be more economical than the constant adjustments cruise control makes.

Embrace Cylinder Deactivation (if equipped): 

Some CX-5 models have cylinder deactivation technology that shuts down cylinders at cruising speeds. This ingenious system reduces fuel consumption without sacrificing power when you need it.

Harness the Power of Trip Planning: 

Consolidate errands into fewer trips. A cold engine burns more fuel, so minimizing trips lets your engine reach optimal operating temperature for better efficiency.

Ditch the Drag: 

Roof racks, bike carriers, and even overflowing cargo compartments increase wind resistance.Remove unnecessary items to make your CX-5 more aerodynamic.

Tips to Improve MPG in Mazda CX-5

Tire TLC: Pressure and Maintenance: 

Proper tire pressure is crucial. Regularly check your tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, not just the sidewall of the tire. Properly inflated tires have lower rolling resistance, which translates to better gas mileage.

Weight Watchers for Your Car: 

The lighter your CX-5, the less fuel it needs to move. Declutter the interior and avoid keeping heavy objects in the trunk. Every pound counts!

Air Conditioning? Use it Wisely: Air conditioning puts a strain on the engine, reducing MPG. Park in shaded areas when possible and utilize sunroofs for ventilation before resorting to the AC. Consider pre-cooling your car before setting off on hot days.

Become a Hypermiler (Optional): 

For the truly dedicated, hypermiling techniques like coasting to a stop and pulse-and-glide (rapidly accelerating and then coasting) can improve fuel economy. However, these techniques can be dangerous in heavy traffic and may not be suitable for everyone.

By incorporating these tips into your driving routine, you can improve MPG in Mazda CX-5 into a more fuel-efficient companion. Remember, small changes in driving habits can lead to significant savings at the pump, leaving you with more money to explore the open road!

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