Is Milburn Orchards a Good Place to Visit

Milburn Orchards: One of the Best in TriState Area

Milburn Orchards is a popular place in Maryland and Delaware area as its famous for its U-pick Adventures. This is a good place to spend a warm day with kids and family. You can experience its farm, fruit picking like Apples, grapes, cherries, blueberries and black berries based on the season. You can check their website for hours, availability and the fruits for U-pick adventures.

Milburn Orchards

Nestled amidst the picturesque countryside of Maryland, Milburn Orchards stands as a haven of natural beauty and agricultural abundance. Offering a delightful blend of orchard-picking, family-friendly activities, and a welcoming atmosphere, Milburn Orchards has captivated locals and visitors alike for generations. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the charm and splendor that await at this beloved destination.

Fall Activities in Milburn Orchards

They also have some special activities for various age groups and occasions. It’s ticketed events and you have to buy separate tickets to participate. They have great apple cider donuts in their bakery, never miss to taste it. During Fall, they have pumpkin picking and special decorations which is a treat to your eyes. Their ice creams are great and they offer hay rides during the fall season.

During April, Milburn Orchards open temporarily for Easter Egg hunt and other activities. Pick your own fruit and the big backyard is fully opened soon after Memorial day. Usually we visit in June for the cherry picking. Later in the season, we get strawberries, Grapes, Pears, berries and apples.

Milburn Orchards
Cherry Picking

They have night time bonfire parties, Farm Tours, Weddings and other special requested events at Milburn. This farm is located at Elkton, Maryland and its close by Delaware Boarder. Fall Fest happens during Halloween and they have a small pet zoo and lot of fun games and rides for kids. It’s a good one day activity and Kids will enjoy a lot.

A Legacy of Harvest and Hospitality

Milburn Orchards has a rich history that spans over a century. Established in the late 1800s, it has remained a family-owned and operated farm, cherishing the traditions of old while embracing the joys of modern-day agriculture. With each passing generation, the Milburn family has nurtured the land and cultivated a thriving orchard that continues to be a treasured gem in the heart of Maryland.

Orchard Picking and Farm-to-Table Delights

One of the highlights of visiting Milburn Orchards is the opportunity to indulge in the age-old tradition of fruit picking. From juicy apples to succulent peaches and plump berries, the orchards offer a kaleidoscope of flavors and colors. Visitors of all ages can stroll through the rows of trees, plucking ripe fruits straight from the branches, and savoring the unparalleled taste of nature’s bounty.

The farm market at Milburn Orchards is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Bursting with an array of fresh produce, homemade baked goods, jams, jellies, and other delectable treats, the market provides a farm-to-table experience like no other. Locally sourced ingredients and the Milburn family’s commitment to quality ensure that every bite is a flavorful celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage.

Engaging Activities for the Whole Family

Beyond the orchards and market, Milburn Orchards offers a plethora of family-friendly activities that guarantee a day filled with laughter and cherished memories. The Farmyard Adventure area beckons children with its interactive playgrounds, hayrides, and a corn maze that provides an exciting challenge for all ages. The scenic wagon rides offer a leisurely exploration of the farm, granting visitors a glimpse into the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

During the fall season, Milburn Orchards transforms into a vibrant hub of autumnal festivities. The Fall Festival boasts hayrides through pumpkin patches, festive decorations, and lively events such as apple cider pressing and pumpkin painting. Families can immerse themselves in the enchanting ambiance, revel in the beauty of the changing leaves, and create timeless memories together.

Christmas and Santa at Milburn Orchards

Most folks find that there is something very special about visiting the farm at Christmas time. Maybe the holidays help them remember family and friends, and back to the days when all would gather on the farm to celebrate the holiday season. Barnyard Buddies love to have the visitors, and the playground is close by for a day of fresh air on the farm.

The market has a wonderful assortment of unique gifts and delicious treats to share with your family and friends. They have a large assortment of jams, jellies, dressings, and mixes, plus an interesting assortment of cook books and crafts from area artists. They have home-made bakery items, which can be ordered in advance and made to order- call (410) 398-1349.

Milburn Orchards
Apple Picking at Milburn Orchards

Milburn Orchards create beautiful custom Gift Baskets– tell us what you want in your baskets-fruit, salsas, syrups, jams, jellies-and how many you need-they’ll help you complete your Christmas shopping list! They welcome custom orders to send to your friends or employees, however not able to deliver or ship the Gift Baskets.

Harvest Schedule at Milburn Orchards

Mid JuneCherries*
Late JunePeaches (all summer long!)
Summer Apples
Sweet Corn
Summer Apples
Sweet Corn
SeptemberEarly Fall Apples*
Sweet Corn
OctoberLate Fall Apples*
Winter Squash
Indian Corn
Milburn Orchards Harvest Schedule

Is Pets Allowed at Milburn Orchards

Milburn Orchards
Pumpkin harvest at Milburns

No Pets allowed at Milburn orchards however trained service dogs are permitted but consider having them in their vests, so visitors and employees can easily identify them. Emotional support animals are not permitted at Milburn. This is kid friendly place so understandable why they aren’t allowing pets.

Milburn Orchards in Maryland is far more than a mere fruit orchard. It is a sanctuary where nature’s bounty flourishes, where families can connect with the land, and where traditions of the past intertwine with contemporary delights. Whether indulging in the pleasure of picking fresh fruit, exploring the Farmyard Adventure area, or reveling in the seasonal festivities, a visit to Milburn Orchards promises an authentic and enriching experience. It is a testament to the enduring charm of rural life and a reminder of the beauty that can be found in the simplest pleasures of nature.

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